A Taste of Change

Current trends in plant-based eating


Amongst the varying lockdowns, restrictions, and rules, there is one that has remained consistent, change. We’ve all experienced it in the way we live, the way we travel, the way we interact, and, interestingly, in the way we eat.

Plant-based eating, for a variety of reasons, seems to be on the rise. We’re going to be exploring the current trends to show how the picture may be changing and how people may be taking a step away from traditional diets and more towards  options that help to #LiveKinder.

With lockdowns in place, it’s no surprise that takeaways have been on the increase. With this, data shows that the hugely popular takeaway delivery service Deliveroo has seen a 115% year-on-year increase in plant-based ordering since November 2019. Alongside this, they have now also included a vegan dietary filter on the app to accommodate those choosing plant-based options.

Further to this, Veganuary 2021 saw 582,538 sign-ups across 209 countries, with supermarkets such as ASDA, Iceland, and Aldi creaing dedicated Veganuary website pages for the first time! Similarly, 23% of all new UK food product launches in 2019 were labelled vegan compared to 17% in 2018.

Although things are starting to look more positive, there is work that still needs to be done. When surveying 1500 members of the British public last year, we found that 75% took no steps towards meat reduction, with women 15% more likely to try a flexitarian diet compared to men. It’s time we all started making changes to create a brighter future.

The meat-free movement is now gaining momentum, which means there has never been a better time to get inspired and make a change to a more plant-based diet for animals, your health, our planet, and our future. Need somewhere to get started?

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Aaron Lax

Digital Communications Officer

Aaron works as part of the communications team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting the social media, SEO, and digital content mediums to spread the message of animal welfare far and wide.

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