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Stopping the Cull After Brexit 

The outcome of Brexit is unpredictable, but there are ways we can help animals during this time.  


Alongside an array of other farming concerns in a post-Brexit world, including the UK reducing their animal welfare standards to meet the food demands that pulling out of the EU will bring, there are also concerns that farmers may feel forced to cull their herds as they fail to secure money for their animals. An estimated 45,000 dairy cows in Northern Ireland may be culled as and the Government needs to prevent the unnecessary deaths of thousands of animals. 

This nightmare could become a reality if farmers cannot secure good tariffs for the trade of their cattle and other animals. However, the UK Government can help to prevent this. They must provide subsidies to farmers who will suffer losses, to prevent the need for culling and instead encourage the ‘drying off’ of herds, or alternative use of milk than salve e.g., as fertiliser for fields (but not dumping for environmental pollution reasons).  

Managing the short-term effects of Brexit is only the first hurdle. For the long term, it is important that the Government and producers consider reducing the national demand we have for meat and dairy. Consequently, this would also help to reduce the impact that factory farming is currently having on our planet. 

You can do your part and pledge to reduce your meat intake, below:

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What can I do to help animals?

There are lots of things you can do to help animals as the Brexit transition period comes to an end: 

Write to your MP today or meet with them in person, and ask them to support a Better deal of Animals, where animal welfare is at the top of the agenda in trade negotiations  

Sign petitions and support campaign actions – the more of us that work together, the greater our voice will be 

Get informed and spread the word - be vocal on social media, and even tweet your MP or the Prime Minister, make your voice heard, together we can make a difference

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Digital Communications Officer

Aaron works as part of the communications team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting the social media, SEO, and digital content mediums to spread the message of animal welfare far and wide.

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