The secrets behind the illegal puppy trade 

Find out what is really going on behind scenes of the illegal puppy trade 


The more we buy, the more we fuel the illegal puppy trade 

It’s clear that during lockdown, many families thought it would be a good idea to add a pet to the family, and 2020 turned out to be a busy year for the pet market.  

According to a YouGov survey, only 20% of Brits with pets adopted their most recent furry friend from animal charities. Most of the families who added a puppy to their household during lockdown, made so by buying them. This has had an impact in the puppy trade, and unfortunately has been inciting illegal breeders to step in.  

But what are we exactly encouraging with this hectic demand for buying a puppy?  

We reveal here the secrets behind the illegal puppy trade: 

Animal Charity
Animal Charity

Remember that you can report in our new webform if you suspect a dodgy dealer or have been a victim of the illegal puppy trade. Help us stop illegal breeders from exploiting more dogs and for bringing desolation to more families. 

For tips on buying a pet check out our advice on what to look out for when you are buying a puppy.

Animal Charity - Joana

Joana Fernandes

UK Investigations Consultant

Joana supports the UK investigations Team by managing illegal puppy trade cases reported to the FOUR PAWS UK. She also liaises with the Communication Team helping to raise awareness about this issue. She has over five years experience as a researcher and project assistant in wildlife conservation and animal welfare, both in the UK and internationally.   

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