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Our biggest bile bear rescue mission yet

We have the unique chance to rescue not one, not two, but nine bile bears from Vietnam.


What are bile bears?

Bile bears, are sadly kept in captivity to harvest their bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It is ‘farmed’ from the bears in painful methods, which cause intense suffering, and without any pain relief day after day. The resulting bile that is extracted  is then used in a number of traditional medicines throughout Asia

Whilst living in these farms, some bears haven’t had access to water at all, some only have access to this basic necessity at feeding time. Right now, several  seem as if they have already given up, with no space  to move around and explore, they simply spend their day lying lifelessly in the corner. That’s why it’s vital that we act fast to give these bears a fresh start and a chance to be free from their concrete prisons.

And we can’t do it without you.

This could be our biggest bile bear rescue mission so far, but such an undertaking is a real team effort. We need your help to change these bears’ lives forever.

We urgently need your support to bring the nine bears to their new home at  BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Here, they could finally live the species appropriate life they have been denied for so long. After years of being frightened and alone, they’ll have access to enriched, outdoor spaces and once settled and adjusted into their new homes, we aim to socialise the bears with each other and build relationships they have been unable to forge for so long.

Your donation could help us with our rescue mission and provide them with the care they urgently need, so why not find out more about our mission and donate today and help change the lives of these beautiful bears, forever?

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Sophie Miller

Digital Marketing Specialist (Maternity Cover) FOUR PAWS Australia

Sophie works in the Communications Team at FOUR PAWS Australia. She has a background in Marketing, PR and Communications across the charity sector. Sophie is passionate about animal welfare and utilises her skills and experience in communications, marketing and PR to bring about change.

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