Make travelling kind more than a new year’s resolution

This year ensure travelling kind becomes a part of your routine and not just a new year fad!


At FOUR PAWS we believe in travelling kind.  

Making kinder choices when we travel means choosing to avoid experiences which use animals as entertainment or transportation. Animals across the globe that are used for these means often endure unimaginable cruelty.  

At the end of 2022, we hit headlines, condemning famous faces who had visited Dubai and filmed themselves ‘playing’ tug-of-war with a liger. From Martyn Ford to footballer Scott Tominay, British celebrities have been sharing images and clips of themselves on Instagram taking part in the unnatural and cruel interaction, to mixed responses from followers.   

We urged these figures to champion the rights of those who can’t themselves by deleting the videos and pledging to #TravelKind by supporting animal-friendly travel experiences that do not commodify sentient beings. Whilst we’re yet to see them take personal ownership and make a stand against these activities, it was encouraging to see so many of their followers condemn their actions. 

On the bright side, at the tail end of 2022, the USA made the incredible move to ban ‘tiger kings’ like Joe Exotic from being able to privately own big cats across the country. The landmark decision of the Big Cat Safety Act will ban the private possession and exhibition of big cats and restrict direct contact with them from the public. This means, finally, cub petting will not be allowed, nor will big cat selfies and similar ‘experiences’. 

Despite this incredible act, the biggest impact is made when we take personal responsibility. So, this year, we urge you all to choose to travel kind and make small but powerful changes, avoiding any animal experiences and championing animal welfare across the globe with every decision. 

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Sophie Miller

Digital Marketing Specialist (Maternity Cover) FOUR PAWS Australia

Sophie works in the Communications Team at FOUR PAWS Australia. She has a background in Marketing, PR and Communications across the charity sector. Sophie is passionate about animal welfare and utilises her skills and experience in communications, marketing and PR to bring about change.

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