A Kinder way to start the year

Make 2021 the year you go plant-based to #LiveKinder


This time of year draws us towards the comfort of food. It conjures up images of warming meals that help keep the winter chill at bay, and, especially more so this year, help to keep our strength and spirit up for the days ahead.

Those hearty recipes that make the colder months something to look forward too isn’t something any of us would want to sacrifice, which is often the worry of those looking to reduce their meat intake. The modern age offers so many alternatives to meat, that going plant-based has never been easier.

In fact, it’s so easy that for many the month of January has become Veganuary. A chance for those on the fence to put their curiosity to rest and try a plant-based diet for the entirety of the month. You won’t lose out on taste, choice, or fulfilment. But, you will help reduce the suffering of farmed animals across the world.

A member of our team has been trying out Veganuary and had this to say:

“2021 has brought a wealth of knowledge on how to live an easy vegan lifestyle, with countless recipes and tips on how to replace animal products. Have I slipped up? Of course! It is a massive change and it’s hard to turn down free carrot cake when it’s delivered to your door! I expected lapses along the way, however I have been pleasantly surprised with just how many readily available alternatives exist. Even my partner has managed to achieve his daily calorie intake, and he’s a rugby-playing gardener! It’s not easy going from flexitarian to strict vegan, but easing our meat consumption and fitting those plant-based alternatives in where you can will go a long way to improving not just our health, but our planet’s too.”

Rebecca, Campaigns Officer, FOUR PAWS UK

It's important to remember that part of living kinder is forgiveness, and this includes to yourself too. If you fall off the path, don’t give up, dust yourself off and get back on it. Small steps add up, just keep going.

Interested? Why not pledge to reduce your meat intake below and find out more about Veganuary, here.

Animal Charity

Pledge to reduce your meat intake

Animal Charity

Aaron Lax

Digital Communications Officer

Aaron works as part of the communications team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting the social media, SEO, and digital content mediums to spread the message of animal welfare far and wide.

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