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The animal-friendly knitting experience 


Since the various lockdowns, there has been a surge in people taking up crafty hobbies from paint by numbers to knitting wooly jumpers – are you one of these crafty people? 

Then this is the blog for you. This week we are thrilled to launch out new guide, Knitting Kind. This fun guide is the key to an animal-friendly knitting experience. 

You may not be aware, but some knitting yarns are sourced from questionable practices where thousands of animals suffer unnecessarily, but luckily there are good yarns out there! We at FOUR PAWS want to make sure that you have all the information at your fingertips before you get crafting away. 

Download our free guide today for some handy tips:  

Learn about Knitting Kind and how you can help protect our wooly friends 

Find out where you can source animal-friendly wool 

Check out the ideas for plant-based alternatives to traditional wool/yarn 

With all these tips you will be well on your way to cruelty free knitting, and enjoying your cozy creations, guilt free.  

To learn more ways to Wear it Kind and how we can all bring more compassion in fashion, check out our campaign page   

Animal Charity

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knitting guide

Animal Charity

Emily Wilson

Head of Programmes UK

Emily heads up the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, managing our farming, wildlife and companion animal campaigns. She has worked for over a decade in conservation and animal welfare, protecting animals both in the UK and worldwide.

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