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How to Share the Love to Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

This week, we’ve been sharing ideas with you to help you get your pet involved this Valentine’s Day. 


There’s no reason to limit the love to just humans and the direction of Cupid’s arrow.

We all know that pets are an important part of our family, they bring us joy, support, love, and lasting memories. This is why they deserve some attention too!

Below, we’ll have a quick recap on all of the ideas we’ve shared with you this week:

Enrichment Series

Whether you have a hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit, we’ve got some fantastic ideas below that will allow you to make them a personalised gift:

Animal Charity
Animal Charity
Animal Charity

Paw Print Card

Why not add your pet’s signature to your Valentine’s card? Simply use a pet-friendly ink paw print kit and you’re away! This way, you can share the love from both of you.

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Pupcake Recipe

We all know that dogs love treats, and humans love cupcakes, so, why not combine the two? Find the recipe below to make a tasty pupcake for your pooch. You’ll also find Mollie enjoying one made for her!

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Activity Jar

Just like the love for your pet, these recommendations aren’t just limited to Valentine’s Day. We suggested that maybe you’d like to create an activity jar for your pet, which you fill with all of their favourite things to do. Then, you can pull one out at random and it’s sure to be a hit!

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Something for You...

A Cruelty-Free Valentine’s Dinner

Stuck for what to make this Valentine’s Day that is both super tasty and plant-based? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Animal Charity

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