The clock is ticking to sound the alarm on pandemic prevention 

FOUR PAWS publishes a future study on pandemics 


As long as animals suffer, humans will suffer the consequences of zoonoses. This is the clear message emerging from FOUR PAWS future study on pandemics. We’ve all seen the damage that can be done by the emergence of COVID-19, but instead of feeling helpless, we can make changes to how humans treat animals in the future. But this change needs to be championed by leaders such as WHO (World Health Organisation), OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme).  

We can all Live Kinder 

We introduced our #LiveKinder campaign last year and since it’s inception we have shared tips on how each and every one of us can make small changes such as reducing our meat consumption or showing more compassion in fashion. Whilst we all can make an impact this study has highlighted that more is needed. Now the collective voice of 29 renowned scientists, have sounded the alarm that action is needed now. But for this to really have an impact change must be tackled on a global political agenda and animal welfare has to be anchored in any action plans.  

"Animal welfare plays a crucial role for human survival. Scientific studies show that 75% of infectious diseases are already zoonoses, meaning they are of animal origin. We need a paradigm shift of how we treat animals in the future. Our health care system, but also global agricultural and farming systems, urgently need to be reorganised in view of this challenge,"

Nina Jamal, campaign manager for pandemics at FOUR PAWS

Next Steps 

To date the symptoms of COVID-19 have been tackled but not the causes of zoonotic pandemics. If we’re to prevent more pandemics emerging we have to change this and take concrete measure on a global level to end animal suffering.  

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“In view of the World Health Summit and the debate on an international pandemic agreement, we therefore call on those responsible to anchor animal welfare as an integral part of pandemic prevention. Because as long as animals suffer, we humans will also suffer the consequences of zoonoses such as COVID-19,"

Josef Pfabigan, FOUR PAWS CEO

Animal Charity

Hannah Baker

Head of Communications UK

Hannah heads up the Communications team for FOUR PAWS UK and handles all press and marketing enquiries as well as managing the social media accounts. Having worked in the animal welfare sector for nearly a decade she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of what we can do to help our animal friends at home and further afield.

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