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Did you know that pigs have hardly any sweat glands and you can often find them rolling around in mud to help them cool down? Or how about that chickens can recognise up to 100 faces of their own kind?

But, there’s still so much we don’t know about farmed animals. Sadly, around 70% of farmed animals in the UK are confined to cruel factory farms, where they have little room to move around or perform their natural behaviours. Farmed animals are often viewed as simply commodities – but the truth is they are unique individuals, each with their own personalities and quirky ways!

Our new photo gallery introduces you to some rescued animals currently living out the rest of their days in peace at an animal sanctuary. Many of these animals were originally intended to be used for the meat industry. They are the lucky few, and are ambassadors for the millions of farmed animals who unfortunately aren’t so lucky.

Do you have a favourite farmed animal yet? Keep your eyes peeled to learn more about these animals, and if you haven’t already – please take the pledge to reduce or even eliminate animal products from your diet.

We can all #LiveKinder by thinking about how our choices can impact others, including farmed animals.

Animal Charity

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Animal Charity

Jenny Canham

Campaigns Officer

Jenny works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, and manages the UK farmed animal campaigns Make Food Kinder and Wear it Kind. She has a background in journalism, and has worked across various animal non-profits and grassroots advocacy organisations in the UK and internationally.

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