Help #EndtheCageAge for all farmed animals

With 100,000 signatures and counting, we need your help to ensure MPs are ready to advocate for the UK Government to end the cage age for millions of farmed animals.


Across the world, billions of animals are farmed in cages. Right now, in the UK alone, millions of farmed animals are languishing in small, overcrowded cages, unable to express their natural behaviours and suffering needlessly. We are calling on the Government to #EndtheCageAge for all farmed animals and eliminate these inhumane farming systems once and for all.  

With the petition, launched by Compassion in World Farming,  recently surpassing 100,000 signatures, Parliament will now consider this for a debate - but this is just the beginning. We need your support, to keep on signing and sharing. With widespread attention, together, we can send a powerful message to UK Parliamentarians and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) that it’s time to ban cages for ALL farm animals, for good. 


Some examples of cruel cage keeping occurring up and down the country today include: 

  • Farrowing crates for sows, which are so small that they are unable to even turn around for five weeks with each litter born. Each sow can spend several months of every year of her life inside one of these tiny metal stalls, causing extreme stress and subsequent repetitive behaviours. 
  • Enriched cages for laying hens which, historically have been used as a replacement for battery cages, only provide each hen the space of an A4 sheet of paper, often preventing them from performing natural behaviours such as dust bathing or even simply flapping their wings. 
  • Individual calf pens, meaning calves are housed alone in small stalls until around eight weeks of age, severely restricting natural behaviours including close physical contact, social interaction, play and exercise. 

These cruel systems simply can’t be the future of British farming. With The European Commission planning to ban cages for all farmed animals, potentially by 2027, and looking to prohibit the import of food from caged systems, the UK may end up lagging behind the EU. Furthermore, this could add bureaucracy to trade with the UK’s largest export market - possibly damaging the whole British farming sector. 


With your help, we will continue to push for the petition to be prioritised and will discuss it with MPs so that they too are ready to advocate for the UK Government to end the cage age for millions of farmed animals once and for all.  

Please act today to protect caged farm animals from a lifetime of suffering in the UK. 

Sophie Miller

Digital Marketing Specialist (Maternity Cover) FOUR PAWS Australia

Sophie works in the Communications Team at FOUR PAWS Australia. She has a background in Marketing, PR and Communications across the charity sector. Sophie is passionate about animal welfare and utilises her skills and experience in communications, marketing and PR to bring about change.

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