Could the end of bear farming be one step closer?

FOUR PAWS launches new campaign to eradicate bear farming in Hanoi


Vietnam have achieved incredible things over the last 15 years in regard to the cruel practice of bear farming. Collective efforts from the Vietnamese government and NGOs have resulted in a vast reduction in the number of bile bears in the country, from 4,300 in 2005 to just 350 as of April 2021 – that is a staggering 92% reduction!  

For the last five years , FOUR PAWS and our supporters have been fighting to save bile bears with our international campaign to #savethesaddestbears, and with your help our petition gained an amazing 1.2 million signatures! Most importantly, 49 bears have been rescued from the horrific bear bile industry as a result and can live out the rest of their life in the comfort of our species-appropriate sanctuaries free from the rusty cages they had been imprisoned in.  

So, what happens now?  

As soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow, we will be handing in these signatures in person to the Vietnamese Government to show them that over one million people around the globe are against the bear farming industry.  

But despite the huge progress made across the country, the capital Hanoi, is still the number one bear farming hotspot. Shockingly there are 161 bears on 31 farms here, accounting  for 46% of the total bile bears in the whole of Vietnam. As the capital city, Hanoi should be leading the way in how it wants the rest of the country to act, but instead it is falling embarrassingly short of the mark when it comes to its bear farms. These bears need our help, and with the end of bear farming in sight in the rest of Vietnam, it is more crucial than ever that Hanoi steps up and eradicates these farms like the rest of the country is doing.  

What can you do to help? 

We know just how powerful our supporters’ collective voices are, which is why we are asking for your help with another petition to end this cruel trade. This time we are focusing solely on Hanoi to ensure they join this effort to eradicate bear farming once and for all. In addition to appealing on the Government to act we are also calling on owners to surrender their bears so that they can live out their remaining years being well cared for in sanctuaries like ours. 

Every signature will help drive the message home to the leaders of Hanoi that people around the world want to see an end to the bear bile industry. Please act today and join us in protecting these bears from a life of suffering by signing our petition

Help us to end the suffering

Animal Charity - Daisy

Daisy Sopel

Junior Campaigner

Daisy works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting her colleagues in the delivery of our wild, farm and companion animal campaigns. She has a background in animal behaviour and welfare and has almost a decade’s worth of experience working with sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centres.

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