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In 2013 7% of Brits believed the climate wasn't changing at all. Now in 2022, the environment is the third biggest priority


This shift in attitude is a welcome development, with many of us making conscious adjustments in our own day-to-day life, but there is still plenty to be done to halt the effects of climate change.

There are also still doubts and some resistance to making certain changes, particularly in relation to our eating habits. According to a recent survey from YouGov (2021):

  • 67% of Brits are AGAINST increasing taxes on meat and dairy products to fund carbon reduction measures
  • 70% of British public would NOT be willing to cut meat & dairy out of their diet completely to combat climate change 
  • People rated transitioning to vegan diet as having the LOWEST impact on reducing emissions when in fact it saves more than shifting all petrol/diesel car travel to electric car travel

Rather than feel apprehensive about making large lifestyle changes, we want to encourage people to #LiveKinder. However you wish to start, living kinder is a great way to make a conscious change. In fact, there are so many ways we can make changes and be kinder to our planet.


Rather than buying fast fashion, more of us than ever are buying second-hand. Thanks to a wealth of apps, charity shops and ‘vintage’ fashion stores, such as ‘Vinted’, Oxfam online and more. In fact, the Ethical Consumerism Report 2021 found sales of sustainable clothing/ethical cosmetics rose by over 16% in 2020 and more shoppers are boycotting brands due to ethical concerns.

With these strides in ethical consumerism, 41% of us also invested in animal-free skincare this Veganuary, following findings that 85% of Brits are against the reintroduction of animal testing for cosmetics in the UK. 


We’re taking an ethical approach to our wardrobes, so, why not make the same choices with your food?

Reducing your intake of meat doesn’t have to be daunting. Wherever you are on your food journey, with actions like ‘meat free Mondays’ and many of our favourite takeaway options offering plant-based goodness, it’s easier (and more delicious) than ever to make food kinder.

It’s also been found that vegan diets are the most affordable and reduce food costs by up to one third, with vegetarian diets coming in at a close second!

With a wealth of delicious, easy, affordable vegan recipes on offer, why not try a meat free week yourself? You’ll be kinder to the animals and your bank balance too.

Better choices can be small, or big, so no matter the change, you can make a difference too – so why not pledge to live kinder through your food with the meat reduction pledge today?

Animal Charity

Our own actions, big or small, really can make a world of difference. Something as simple as going vegan for two thirds of our meals could cut food-related carbon emissions by a massive 60% and protect our planet from irreversible damage.

The power of change truly is in our hands, so why not use that power to live a little kinder?



Sophie Miller

Digital Marketing Specialist (Maternity Cover) FOUR PAWS Australia

Sophie works in the Communications Team at FOUR PAWS Australia. She has a background in Marketing, PR and Communications across the charity sector. Sophie is passionate about animal welfare and utilises her skills and experience in communications, marketing and PR to bring about change.

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