Caring for our pets during the cost of living crisis

We share tips on how to save money without sacrificing our pets.


There have been endless stories in recent weeks of how the cost of living crisis is impacting our pets. From keeping them warm, full, and with a clean bill of health, the impact on our finances has already affected families and their beloved animal friends.

We recently undertook a survey in which 76% of supporters expressed their serious concern about the cost of living crisis.

Whilst 66% of surveyed supporters were most worried about being able to afford any sudden vet bills, many also expressed concern about the effect this may have on already stretched rescue centres amid an influx of pets being reluctantly handed over.

We know keeping a pet can be expensive. The costs of veterinary care, food, equipment, grooming products, all have an impact on your budget, but there are many ways to save money and be able to care for our animals even in times of crisis.

We recommend people be proactive, do research and get involved!

Be proactive

Being proactive with keeping on top of your pet’s health can be a great way to stay on top of any unwanted health surprises. From regular teeth brushing to keeping those extra pounds at bay courtesy of regular exercise, we can be doing our best to keep us and our four-legged friends healthy and happy.

Planning a budget gives you a good overview of your expenses and shows you which costs can be avoided or at least limited. It is important to not save in the wrong areas, your pets health and food is incredibly important and should not be scrimped on.

Finally, proactively taking out insurance for your pet, provided your animal still meets the requirements, is a must. Just check carefully which treatments and health measures are covered by the insurance and figure out which policy would work best for you and your pet.


Research which shops and stores are selling your pet food, treats, or health care goods for less right now. Many shops and websites regularly have pet food promotions or coupon offers that you can take advantage of and make a decent saving, particularly if you buy pet food in bulk. Simply store the products well to avoid them spoiling.

Expensive also doesn’t always necessarily equal quality, so compare pet foods to find one that provides the optimal nutrition for your pet. There are several affordable brands that are good quality!

You can also research organisations who may have promotions for free veterinary consultations or even examinations if you are concerned about your pet’s health.

Finally, It doesn't matter to your dog whether his harness, for example, is new or used. Scour internet marketplaces and charity shops for pet products that have been used but are still in good condition. These items are sold at much lower prices or even better, some are given away for free. And why not return the favour? If and when your pet grows out of something, donate it to charity or pop it on the same marketplace you sourced it from. As long as it’s still in good condition, a new home should be easy to find.

Get involved

Grooming your pet yourself if a sure fire way to keep them healthy, happy and cared for whilst saving money. Regular brushing removes loose hair and dandruff and, in the case of long fur, prevents tangles. There are lots of tutorials online which talk you through the best way to bathe your dog and even trim their claws. We advise people seek out advice from an expert beforehand in more complex cases or if they are new to trimming, to avoid potential harm to pets.

You can also make toys, huts and other items for your animals yourself. There is a wealth of how-to videos online for items like our Guinea Pig Feeder Tree, or Snuffle Mat for Dogs.

The most important thing is that people do not skimp on preventive veterinary measures. Examinations, medications, vaccinations, and other measures to keep your pet healthy are of utmost importance. Investing in good flea, tick, and worm treatment is a preventative measure that will save any expensive costs that any potential illness or diseases that parasites may cause.

Most importantly, times like these,  we must lean on one another for support. Exchange tips with other pet owners, get proactive and creative, and together with the support and advice of other animal lovers, we can all continue to enjoy being with our pets.

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