Brands unite against mulesed wool

UK fashion brands call on Australian wool industry to end the cruel practice  


This month, we launched our Brand Letter of Intent which directly calls on the Australian wool industry to remove mulesing from its processes. Over 30 fashion brands globally have already signed the open letter, including UK household names like Marks & Spencer, Primark and H&M.  

Mulesing is the cruel process by which merino sheep have the skin around their rear area cut off in an attempt to reduce fly infestation in this area. The practice is painful, outdated and wholly avoidable, with new and improved alternatives constantly in development. According to wool growers who have transitioned and stopped mulesing, the transition to more resilient sheep breeds and improved management takes around 3-5 years.  

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More than 1,000 wool growers in Australia have successfully transitioned to mulesing-free wool, proving that mulesing is no longer necessary. With over 220,000 signatures from our supporters calling for an end to mulesing, our Brand Letter of Intent clearly shows that fashion companies are listening to the concerns of their customers. Brands who sign the letter are against mulesed wool and are either already certified mulesing-free or intent to be by 2030. 

“As a responsible retailer animal welfare is important to us and the use of Mulesing has for many years been highlighted as a particularly traumatic procedure. We cannot condone the use of Mulesing, especially when there are other methods of controlling fly infestations, and are therefore happy to sign this letter showing our support in the phasing out of this procedure”

Paul Smith, Head of Sourcing & Product Technology at MISSGUIDED (UK)

As a customer, you can make your voice heard. Through the Brand Letter of Intent, we can see the fashion brands and textiles companies will listen and stand unified against mulesing. Signatories of the letter have set out time-bound plans with their suppliers, who in turn can work with the Australian wool growers to transition away from mulesing. 

If farmers can transition to mulesing-free wool within 5 years, now is the time for the anti-mulesing movement to act!

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