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Major Gifts play a central role in making some of FOUR PAWS' most urgent and exciting projects come to life. Whether you're a Trust, Foundation or private individual, we will help you identify the projects that you find most inspiring and to make a lasting positive impact on animal welfare around the world. Together, we can save more animals' lives and protect animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation.



For over 30 years, FOUR PAWS has worked towards a clear vision; a world where humans treat animals with respect, dignity and understanding. Our call to action is simple: Animal welfare. Worldwide. 

In 2019, we were active in 22 counties globally to help animals in need. Our stray animal care projects gave vital veterinary care to over 21,000 dogs and cats whilst also working to end the brutal dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. Today, our wild animal sanctuaries care for over 110 rescued bears and 130 big cats - providing them with new homes for life where they can recover from their past trauma; safe, protected and loved. And, thanks to people like you,  our emergency response teams maintain a constant state of readiness to rescue animals from natural disasters, conflict and immediate danger when they need us the most. 

Our recent highlights include: 

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  • A personal and dedicated account manager to help you identify the projects that you find most inspiring. Your vital contributions will help FOUR PAWS' projects to reach their full potential for abused animals.  
  • Exclusive membership to a small and committed group of animal welfare advocates who create lasting global change in animal welfare. 
  • Regular personalised updates to keep you informed of your incredible impact. Our aim is to bring you closer to the animals, people and local communities that you help.  
  • The chance to visit our life-saving projects around the world so you can experience your impact first-hand. Our projects and beautiful sanctuaries in Europe, Asia and South Africa would welcome your visit.  

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As part of an elite group of FOUR PAWS’ supporters you will enjoy a dedicated and personal service.

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