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FOUR PAWS mission is to reveal suffering, rescue animals in need and protect those who need sanctuary.

This mission can be by direct action, but also by education and collaboration. Forming mutually beneficial relationships can positively support and impact animal welfare at a global scale.

Why partner with us

With over 30 years of experience working with donors, corporate partners, communities and governments in 15 countries around the world. Our work covers an array of animal welfare issues in companion animals, including stray dogs and cats, farm animals and wild animals – such as bears, big cats, orangutans and elephants – many of which are kept in inappropriate conditions, suffering due to cruel treatment or are affected by natural disasters and conflict. When disaster strikes, we are on the ground quickly, providing immediate support as well as long term assistance to ensure animal welfare is maintained and future suffering prevented.

By aligning with our values and breadth of projects a partnership with FOUR PAWS sends a strong message and positive impression about your business ethos to your stakeholders and staff, building customer loyalty and engaging with your employees who care about animal welfare.

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How we work with businesses

You can find out more about all of our campaigns here

Together we can make a difference so that animals, are treated with respect, empathy and understanding.

Your support is critical to achieving change for animals worldwide. This can be through providing vital funds for our key projects, raising awareness through joint communications, or aligning with our sector specific programmes, including where appropriate implementing your own animal welfare policies with our support.

We will keep in touch to share news of our successes, provide regular reports on the value of your support and the difference it makes.

Animal Friends Pet Insurance, the award winning UK pet insurance provider offers financial support to our bear rescues and has helped us to further develop our sanctuary in the Ukraine to enable more bears in Europe to live a cage free, pain free life.   Whilst many of their supporters are aware of our work, we also jointly promote our initiatives to rescue and protect caged bears around the globe their to customer communications channels.

As part of our Travel Kind campaign, we are working in partnership with the tourism industry to help end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia with over 30 companies having pledged their support so far. We also encourage and advise the companies to assist them in  implementing their own animal friendly travel policies. You can download your free copy of our Travel Kind guide and also our template policy here.

Recent partnerships

Animal Charity

Through our  Wear it Kind campaign we are working with the fashion industry to call for more compassion in fashion. Through greater transparency in supply chains, but also a commitment to only source animal products of the highest welfare standards, we can realise our aim of animal friendly fashion becoming accessible to all. Visit our website for more information to help your company transition into an animal-friendly brand and download our free tools.

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Animal Charity

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