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Speranta – A Shelter called Hope 

FOUR PAWS partner shelter in Bucharest 

In Romanian, Speranta means Hope, which is precisely what the staff strive to give to the 550 dogs currently accommodated at the shelter. Many of these animals have incredibly sad stories, with some of them having been severely abused, and now, are slowly recovering and trying to regain trust in people. Some of the dogs have severe injuries and trauma and will probably never fully recover. Love is paramount, followed by comprehensive medical care. Of course, all the dogs in the shelter are for adoption as soon as they are ready to go into a new caring and loving home.

A shelter with its own veterinary clinic

Speranta provides a temporary home for former stray dogs, and FOUR PAWS supports the shelter financially to make the dogs' stay as comfortable as possible before they are rehomed. 

During winter, the animals can enjoy isolated kennels where they can rest comfortably. In 2016, FOUR PAWS installed a veterinary clinic in Speranta, where trained veterinarians can provide desperately needed medical care to the dogs. More recently, FOUR PAWS rebuilt the playground area and refurbished a part of the shelter kennels.

As space in the shelter is limited, many dogs live in socialised groups. The shelter staff makes continuous efforts in taking care of the animals and volunteers also walk the dogs.

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