Everything you need to know about COP26

FOUR PAWS will be fighting for better animal welfare and climate-friendly farming at this year’s climate conference in Glasgow

Climate change is continuing to have devastating effects on people, animals and the planet – with more recorded forest fires, flooding and more extreme heatwaves than ever before.  This years COP26 is a chance for world leaders to come together and listen to experts, sciences and NGOs like FOUR PAWS and finally take strong action to combat this climate crisis.

What is COP26?

COP26 is the world’s major annual climate conference, where hundreds of world leaders meet to negotiate and agree plans for tackling climate change. Sounds great right? But, we are concerned. The conference agenda include very little on farming and food systems. Agriculture is a leading cause of climate change. It is responsible for 8.5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, with a further 14.5% generated by land use change (mainly deforestation to clear land for food production). This means that almost a quarter of global emissions stem from agriculture and related land use.

Amazingly, this year’s COP26 will be taking place in Glasgow from Sunday 31st October to Friday 12th November 2021. So, FOUR PAWS UK will cover the conference and speak up for animals and the planet. 

This will be the single most important meeting about climate change since 2015 when nearly all countries signed the Paris Agreement at COP21. This agreement was a commitment to stop climate change and deal with its causes and effects, but over 5 years later the climate crisis is still growing, so the time is now to take stronger and firmer action.

What do we want to see out of COP26?

COP26 is the deadline for countries to present their plans to cut emissions and help stop global temperatures rising more than 1.5ºC by the end of the century. But, we really want to see leaders commit to stronger goals that what they’ve already published and include food and farming systems in these goals, addressing the direct link between factory farming and greenhouse gas emissions.

FOUR PAWS will work hard to highlight the need for improved animal welfare and an end to factory farming in order to combat climate change. 

How can you get involved?

We have joined a coalition calling for Diet Change. Not Climate Change.

We have joined a coalition calling for Diet Change. Not Climate Change. 

We are lobbying global leaders at COP26 to call for meat reduction as the solution to the climate crisis. Please sign our petition.

If you haven’t already, please take our pledge to Live Kinder and reduce your own meat consumption. Every small step can make a huge difference. 

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