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Who can be a responsible pet owner?

Checklist for everyone wanting to keep a pet


Everyone can be a responsible pet owner, assuming that he can provide the right environment for an animal. Besides of the living and worksituation personal aspects such as age, health and mental stability need to be considered. If all conditions are fulfilled, nothings stands in between an animal and his future keeper.


  • I know, what needs my new pet has
  • My new pet fits my lifestyle
  • I have arranged who takes care for the animal during my vacation or when I am ill.
  • I will also take care of the animal when it gets old and develops unpleasant features (such as incontinence)
  • I can guarantee that nobody in my household suffers from allergies
  • I am aware that animals might bring dirt into my home, lose fur, get sick and create costs amd efforts
  • I take responsibility for my pet, even in tougher situations 
  • It is clear to me and to all persons in the household that an animal is not a toy.
  • My landlord allows pets and my housing situation is suitable.
  • I have enough time to look after my new pet
  • I can provide lifelong financial support for my pet (dogs and cats 10 - 15 years, rabbits ~ 10 years, guinea pig ~ 7 years)
  • I can fulfill the physical and mental demands of my pet

Can you fulfill all those requirements? If yes, you are very close to your goal of adopting a new pet! Now go one step further and do some research about the special requirements of your favorite species. Dogs, cats or rabbits all have their own needs for their new family. If these requirements are met, you are ready to take the journey to your local shelter.

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