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On the 20th of October 2021, FOUR PAWS presented an Online Expert Panel Discussion


For years, scientists all over the world have warned us that the way in which we treat animals and nature is a serious risk factor in the outbreak of zoonotic diseases. The COVID-19 crisis was not produced by an extraterrestrial force; it is anthropogenic, just like climate change is. COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Ebola, BSE and HIV – they all originated from a dysfunctional relationship between humans, animals, and nature. Zoonoses are a dangerous symptom of the crisis because it shows how quickly human-induced habitat destruction can strike back. But it also shows that humans, animals and nature are indivisibly linked.

Days before the World Health Summit in Berlin, FOUR PAWS publishes worrying results of a recent international Future Study on pandemic prevention.

About the Future Study:

For the Future Study, interviews were conducted with 29 renowned international experts from disciplines such as virology, human health, veterinary medicine, agriculture, climate research, economics, law and social sciences in qualitative research.

Report: How to prevent the next pandemic?

Report: How to prevent the next pandemic?

Please find here the whole FOUR PAWS Future Study

The following experts were discussing a way out of future pandemics:

  • Dr Syra Madad: US-based leading epidemiologist in public health and special pathogens preparedness and response. Dr Madad has been featured in two leading documentaries, the Netflix docuseries Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, as well as the Discovery documentary The Vaccine: Conquering COVID.
  • Mia MacDonald: Executive director and founder of Brighter Green. New York-based public policy analyst and writer who has worked as a consultant to a range of international non-governmental organisations.
  • Dr Kurt Schmidinger: Food scientist, founder of the project Future Food , Research Institute for Ethics and Science in Dialogue (FEWD), University of Vienna.
  • Dr Mark Jones: British veterinarian with qualifications and experience in aquatic and wild animal health, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, since 2014 Head of Policy at Born Free Foundation.
  • Nina Jamal: FOUR PAWS International Head of Farm Animal and Nutrition Campaigns, Pandemics and Animal Welfare expert.

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