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Kinder to animals, the planet, and to our health!


What is Make Food Kinder?

Right now, public institutions (such as schools, care homes, and libraries) and local authorities across England are serving food tarnished by animal cruelty.

FOUR PAWS UK is calling on local authorities to reduce meat and animal products, and exclude the worst animal cruelty in the food served at public institutions. Together, we want local authorities to:

  • reduce meat and animal products and replace them with healthier, plant-based alternatives
  • exclude some of the cruelest farming practices such as cage-keeping and beak-trimming
  • be more transparent and publish a food policy showing their commitment to meat reduction and animal welfare.


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Is your money paying for animal cruelty?

Find your local authority on our interactive map and TAKE ACTION to demand they reduce animal products and improve animal welfare standards today!

You can also visit www.makefoodkinder.co.uk to find out more. 

Vegan Recipes

Or if you want to take a step further, check out our Make Food Kinder Action Kit and find out how you can support the campaign.

What we demand

1. Animal-derived products from better keeping conditions:

- Meat, eggs, milk/milk products sourced from higher welfare conditions

2. Transparent and effectively enforced food policy which guarantees animal welfare is considered in future sourcing decisions

3. Reduction of animal-derived products:

- less meat

- more wholesome vegetarian and plant-based menu options


What do we mean by 'cruelest farming practices'?

In order to exclude the worst cases of animal cruelty in public institutions, we are helping public institutions to support practices which are better for animals. This includes:

- more space

- more enrichment

- bedding

- access to the outdoors

- no fast growing breeds

Examples of some of the cruelest farming practices include:

  • no cage-keeping
  • no mutilations / no mutilations without anesthesia and post operative pain relief
  • no fast growing breeds
  • access to the outdoors
  • more space
  • more enrichment

We are working with local authorities to ensure they are not using public money to support such examples of animal cruelty by reducing meat and animal products, and only supporting higher welfare systems.