Live Kinder for Farmed Animals: new report from FOUR PAWS UK

Why do we need a kinder future?

The year 2020 has been a time to step back and re-evaluate our priorities as a nation. The global pandemic has caused struggle and loss at a global scale, and it is clear that we must do everything in our power to avoid future similar catastrophes.

The number of land animals killed for food in the UK is currently at an all-time high at approximately 1.1 billion. This growing demand has changed the way we farm animals. We now rely heavily on factory farms to produce animal products for both the food and textile industries. However, these farms are breeding grounds for viruses, and flu strains similar to those that caused the swine flu pandemic have been found in factory farms as recently as June 2020.

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It is no surprise that this has led to a compromise in animal welfare. Animals are held in tight spaces with little room to move, in order to fulfil the huge demand for animal products in both food and clothing. In some cases, the UK has made great progress and banned some of the cruellest practices like fur farming, but as a country we are still supporting this cruelty by continuing to import and sell fur nationwide.

Keeping animals in intensive factory farms is also causing critical damage to the environment. Factory farms produce harmful gases contributing to climate change and releasing large volumes of waste materials causing water and soil pollution. All the while, we are continuing to put our own health in danger by consuming products that have been proven to increase our risk of various diseases and using public money to support some of the cruelest farming practices.

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Looking ahead to the next ten years, we believe that a kinder future for animals, humans and the planet is possible - but only if we work together. By making change in each of the sectors listed in this report, we can ensure a well-rounded approach that will achieve a better world for all beings. We can all #LiveKinder. 

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How you can support a kinder world

We are currently at a turning point where it is critical that commitments are made now and worked towards over the coming years. We must set these wheels in motion to create the world we want to see, and to be leaders inspiring other countries to follow. If you would like to work with us or learn more about any of our recommendations, download our report today and please contact us at

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