In our society, cats are considered part of the family and are affectionately called 'kitty' and 'pussycat'. Responsible cat owners are aware of and care for the animals' natural needs. 

In contrast, hundreds of thousands of stray cats live on the streets – even in the middle of Germany. Many strays are ill and suffer from hunger. Where unwanted, they are often brutally killed.

interesting facts about cats

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10 Facts about Cats

Surprising facts about our feline friends

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The Beauty of adoption

Give a shelter cat a loving home.


What are We doing?

FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible treatment of cats and supports animal owners with advice and educational programmes. In addition, we help stray cats across the whole of Germany.

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More advice for cat owners: getting, feeding and caring for a cat.

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Stolen for their meat

See how we're working to stop the cat meat trade.

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Stray Cats

We have worldwide projects that are helping cats without a home.

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