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Help to STOP the dog and cat meat trade in Indonesia


Every year, over a million dogs and cats in Indonesia are killed for their meat. Their suffering is near unimaginable and most of these animals are transported hundreds of miles in unthinkable conditions. Their final destinations are live animal markets where they are brutally slaughtered; bludgeoned to death, drowned or even burnt alive. 


Eating dog and cat meat is not widespread in Indonesia - just 7% of the population engage in its practice and yet over a million animals die for it yearly. Outrage and opposition from the general public is growing. With the support of the Indonesian authorities, we now have a window of opportunity to bring an end to this horrific practice and add Indonesia to the growing list of Asian countries where the consumption of dog meat is banned. 


Shockingly, the majority of the dogs and cats killed for their meat are stolen family pets or animals that are collectively cared for and loved by their communities. Hear from some pet owners below. 


FOUR PAWS has teamed up with both local and international animal welfare organisations to end the dog meat trade. The Dog Meat Free Indonesia coallition calls for a total ban on killing dogs for their meat. We believe that anything short of a total ban, such as regulation, would fail in protecting dogs and cats from this horrendous trade. 


For more information on this vital work, please call our supporter care team on 020 7922 7954. Alternatively, please donate now and help stop this cruelty and protect other abused animals in desperate need. Thank you.