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What became of Grivita the dog?


© FOUR PAWS | Jo Sax

Do you remember the dramatic story of the Romanian stray dog Grivita? A few years ago we found her near the railway station in Bucharest with a completely shattered jaw. Someone had brutally attacked the animal with a heavy object. Our veterinary team in Romania found her, provided first aid immediately and took her to a nearby hospital.

Grivita recovered quickly

Although Grivita’s condition was more serious than we had at first though thought, she recovered quickly from all the operations she had to go through. At first she still had some difficulties coordinating eating and breathing, but now she eats like any other dog and has not lost her enthusiasm for life.

© FOUR PAWS | Andreea Balaurea

Happy End for the stray dog

It was not easy to find a new home for Grivita as her face is quite deformed. But a FOUR PAWS employee was so touched by the story of Grivita that she decided to adopt the former stray dog. She takes good care of her and we all are very impressed with how happy and relaxed Grivita is. Despite her unusual circumstances she welcomes other dogs and especially humans with a wagging tail. This story is the perfect example of how incredible and enduring an animals' soul can be.