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Former strays help children with Down's Syndrome

Dogs For People has been achieving tremendous success assisting youth therapists in Romania. This particular kind of therapy, in which dogs provide a direct and emotional connection to children with disabilities, has worked particularly well for symptoms of autism.


Abandoned after his birth and living with autism, Cornel has made significant progress since being selected for dog assited therapy. Cornel is much more perceptive of his environment and learned to communicate with the people around him. The regular presence of a dog has given him a feeling of safety and comfort, while the playful approach of the therapy has awoken his sense of interaction.


Also abandoned after her birth, Anna lives with Down's Sydrome and has similarly benefitted from the frequent sessions. She has become more sociable, a faster learner and remarkably protective of the younger Cornel.

A strong relationship

The animals that bring so much energy and joy to the Dogs For People project are being chosen during the FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care projects. While neutering and providing medical care to the many homeless dogs in Romania, there are noticeably active dogs that catch the attention of the SAC team every now and again. Several of them find a new challenge in life when they are being trained for the therapy project. In most cases they live with their trainers, often beyond their own retirement. For Cornel and Anna, these dogs will continue to provide a happier and more liveable future.