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‘Dogs for People’ achieves new success in Romanian retirement home

© FOUR PAWS| George Nedelcu

Specially trained stray dogs have begun visiting residents in a Romanian retirement home, as part of FOUR PAWS’ ‘Dogs for People’ project. The project began in 2012 and is an example of how peacefully humans and stray dogs can work side by side for a good cause. Besides children with emotional and physical disabilities, the well-trained dogs also visit patients with schizophrenia, Alzheimer or acute depression in a Romanian care home.

Patients react with love and care to the friendly dogs

The presence of the dogs in the care home helps to make the patients feel more at ease. They also encourage the elderly people to be more active, overcome their isolation and even socialize more and become more self confident.

© FOUR PAWS| George Nedelcu

Dogs for people is great success

The new addition to the project, “Sfantul Mucenic Fanurie” retirement house in Bucharest, has over 20 residents, who all wished to be part of the ‘Dogs for People’ project. In contrast to the other participating centre “Floare rosie”, which has over 100 people, the new centre is more isolated; due to the local infrastructure the seniors don’t have a lot of opportunities to go outside. As such, the presence of the strays is extremely welcome and the residents greet them with big smiles on their faces and enthusiasm. 


“This project is very dear to our team and we put a lot of love and energy into it. Seeing how the older people interact with our dogs and the amazing effect it has on them proves how helpful this therapy really is,” explains Anca Tomescu, Head of the FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care Romania.

FOUR PAWS active for Romanian strays since 2004

In 2004, FOUR PAWS introduced the first Animal Assisted Therapy project in Romania, in which former stray dogs are selected and trained by experts to become therapy dogs. In addition, FOUR PAWS is runs a big campaign to neuter dogs, both with and without owners, in the municipalities around the Romanian capital Bucharest, in order to reduce the alarming rate of abandonments and help manage stray dog reproduction.