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Romanian wild horses

The Letea horses are free at last

A happy ending could be witnessed in the Romanian Danube Delta this week, when the final 41 horses in the care of FOUR PAWS were released back into the wild.

© Alexandra Floares/VIER PFOTEN

After a dramatic rescue of the illegally caught animals in early summer, one group had already been brought back to the Letea Forest area while others were still being treated for injuries obtained in their ordeal. Now, shortly before Christmas, the remaining group has also been re-released into their natural habitat.

© Alex Tanasescu/VIER PFOTEN

FOUR PAWS will soon dispatch another delivery of fodder supplies for the winter. This will ensure that the afflicted animals get through the harsh winter without further suffering as their general state of health is still somewhat fragile. In addition, this is a good way to alleviate tensions with environmental groups claiming that the horses damage the area's ecosystem by eating the bark off the trees during wintertime.

The release of the 41 horses brings a successful ending to six months of fighting for the animals' lives. In spite of many setbacks, they are now free at last.