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FOUR PAWS return to Petra to help working horses & donkeys


© FOUR PAWS | 2015

Following our first visit in March, a FOUR PAWS team has headed back to Petra, Jordan, to help donkeys and horses who carry tourists through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately they are kept in poor conditions - with temperatures around 30 degrees, donkeys and horses are shackled to carriages or have to rest for hours in the blazing sun without any shade, and irregular feeding and watering times. 


Together with our partner organisation, the Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) and the Petra Development and Tourism Authority  (PDTRA) we launched a project in January to improve the health and working conditions of horses and donkeys. We are currently building stables and water diversion systems and want to modernise the existing veterinary clinic by purchasing new equipment. Together with our partners we will continue to arrange the provision of essential medicines and training for local horse owners and veterinarians.

© FOUR PAWS | 2015

The stables in Petra are almost finished

When our team arrived in Petra, the temperature was unusually high. In addition to the daily treatment and care of working horses and donkeys, we also managed to visit the stables that we are building for these animals. We are very excited that the stables are almost finished, and the horses will be able to move into their new homes soon. In future we also want to see the donkey owners using the newly built stables for their animals.

© FOUR PAWS | 2015

Workshop with horse experts

We also want to improve the working conditions of horses and donkeys, which is why our partner organisation Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) invited renowned horse expert Dr. Sameeh M. Aburtabush to Petra. Besides providing countless treatments to horse and donkeys during a two-day workshop, he also shared his extensive knowledge with the owners of the animals and FOUR PAWS’ vet Dr. Ovidiu Rosu. This should lead long-term to a healthier and longer life for working horses and donkeys in Petra.