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FOUR PAWS rescues foal Robbie

Robbie in seinem neuen Zuhause mit Ancuta, seiner neuen Halterin.
© © FOUR PAWS | Alex Tanasescu

Update, January 2016: We found a new home for foal Robbie!

Robbie the foal, that we operated on a while ago after he was seriously injured by a car, has returned home to Romania. Fortunately, we were able to find a horse-loving woman who has agreed to take care of Robbie and offer him a new home. Ancuta, Robbie’s new keeper, has lots of experience looking after horses. She already owns three horses, Nina, Alma and Amir who will share their stable and pasture with Robbie in the future.


After a few weeks of acclimatisation, Robbie has already settled into his new home. He has made particularly good friends with Nina, who also has a turbulent past: The old mare was due to be killed in a Romanian slaughterhouse after she broke her knee. Thankfully Ancuta saved Nina and took care of her injured knee. Both Robbie and Nina still need time to fully recover and are therefore only allowed to move about a small amount. In Nina, Robbie has found the perfect companion as he starts his recovery and looks ahead to his new life.


We wish Robbie all the best for his future and are glad that we were able to help him. 



This is Robbie, a Romanian foal that was found recently having been hit by a car. Our vet was by his side quickly to provide first aid assistance. Robbie was then taken to a Hungarian Animal Hospital where he underwent surgery. Everything went well: Robbie is getting better now and in a few months he will be fully fit again. The owner of the foal was found and said he was planning to come with Robbie’s mother to feed the recovering foal. Sadly, he never showed up. However, the baby horse has thankfully been adopted by a local lady, who will pick him up in a few months when he’s made a full recovery. Thanks very much to everyone involved in Robbie’s case!


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