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FOUR PAWS offers Cezar the horse a second chance

When six year old horse Romanian horse Cezar was found to have a deteriorating leg condition which made him incapable of working, his owners decided to take him to the slaughterhouse.


Luckily for Cezar, a Romanian animal welfare activist had other ideas decided to save him. 

Cezar's hooves were treated properly for the first time in years.

Cezar’s hoof was in need of medical care

However, Cezar’s hoof caused concerns. The diagnosis was a deep digital flexor tendon retraction on one back leg due to a tendon tension and neglected hoof care. Cezar’s hoof bent to such a degree it caused him to step on his pastern joint, which was also affecting the other hooves. 

Cezar's hoof bent to such degree, he was stepping on the pastern joint already.

FOUR PAWS took care of medical expences

Cezar was lucky. It was still possible to correct his condition surgically. However, the surgery costs were estimated to be about 550 EUROs, which was a large amount of money for his new owner. Therefore she asked FOUR PAWS for help with the medical expenses, which FOUR PAWS agreed to. After the surgery, Cezar’s hooves were cleaned and trimmed properly. For his damaged leg an orthopedic horse shoe was provided. Cezar will fully recover and will hopefully spend many years with his new responsible owner.