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Amazing: our vet Ovidiu braves the blizzard in Letea to feed wild horses!


Team halts birth control programme and feeds horses


Last week, while the FOUR PAWS team was back in the field to monitor and continue the wild horses birth control programme in Letea, Romania, they were faced with harsh weather conditions. After a few sunny days, in which the team managed to treat several horses, a strong blizzard took over the whole Letea region!


In such conditions free-ranging animals need as much help as possible to overcome the cold and wind. As we have done for several years now, VP keeps an emergency food store in Letea village especially for such situations.

Especially during these extreme weather conditions it’s important for the animals to have enough food.

FOUR PAWS vet Ovidiu Rosu, explained: “Due to the extreme weather we decided to postpone the programme and go out and fight with the snow to bring food to the needy animals. When the blizzard was at its strongest, with temperatures dropping to -12°C with a real feel of -40°C because of the wind, we got stuck several times and had to shovel our way out. All in all we managed to bring approximately 40 bales of hay and spread them over 10 feeding locations around the Letea forest. Besides horses, free-roaming cows also came and ate our food. It was extremely hard work but we are happy we managed to help the animals in those challenging times.”