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Disaster Relief Chennai


© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

Update - 14th December 2015: Food provided to 600 animals


The situation in India is still very bad. The volume of dirty water is unimaginable! The danger of an epidemic spreading cannot be ruled out. This means it is hugely important that we provide local animals with the necessary veterinary treatment and vaccinate them as rapidly as possible. Our disaster relief team has been in action throughout the day helping rescue and treat animals, and has already provided food for over 600 animals, including 350 cows yesterday alone.


You can find more pictures on our Facebook page.

© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

After heavy rainfall in India in the middle of November, the metropolis of Chennai was flooded for days. Over 300 people drowned and thousands lost their homes. Many animals are also affected, which is why we have decided to travel to India to support our partner organization Blue Cross of India.


Our disaster relief team has just arrived and is already in action. We'll keep you updated here and on our Facebook page. We wish our local team much success!

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