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Gaza lions released into their new homes in Jordan


The three lions from Gaza are feeling at home in Jordan


The three lions FOUR PAWS rescued from Al-Bisan zoo in Gaza are enjoying their new lives at the New Hope Center near Amman to the fullest. They have already been vaccinated and the two male lions will soon be vasectomised. As soon as they no longer require  close monitoring,  the three lions will be moved from their adaption enclosure to a larger enclosure, which will become their temporary home for the meantime. However, FOUR PAWS, together with the Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) is creating a new wildlife sanctuary in Jordan. This will not only be home to the three lions rescued from Gaza, but for many more wild animals rescued from bad keeping conditions and illegal trade. 


Al Ma’wa for Nature & Wildlife: A new home for our lions


FOUR PAWS is currently setting up a new animal sanctuary with the Princess Animal Foundation called ’Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife’, covering  approximately 140 hectares. During the first construction phase, several 40 hectare enclosures will become home to rescued animals waiting in the transit station near Amman. The three lions from Gaza will be among them. 


’Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife’ is located in a natural forest in the northern part of Jordan, approximately 40 km away from the capital Amman. As soon as the sanctuary is finished, it will offer 12 species-appropriate enclosures for rescued wild animals.

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