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Non-kept dogs and cats are NOT wild animals

© FOUR PAWS 2015

FOUR PAWS has condemned the European Commission’s plans to consider stray domestic animals as wild animals. If this proposal was approved it would mean that stray and free-roaming animals would be granted a lower level of protection in the EU. In some situations, this could offer legal grounds for allowing hunters to shoot at them, which has already been proposed in the past in various countries. FOUR PAWS has thus decided to give voice to EU citizens (and their animals) by organising an international protest that starts with a postcard campaign addressed to the EU Institutions and that EU citizens can share. Digital postcards can be found beneath the text! 

FOUR PAWS calls EU citizens to share digital postcards and send them to MEPs.

Proposal for the identification and registration of all dogs

We are calling for Europe-wide identification and registration of dogs. This would be a fundamental tool in preventing not only health risks for humans and animals, but also abandonment and illegal trade in puppies; therefore to protect dogs, and finally reduce canine overpopulation. 

FOUR PAWS postcard protest

Please find a digital version of the postcards to download below! Do not hesitate to send them to your responsible ministries and to the EU Institutions.


Download postcard! 

Download postcard!

Download postcard!

Download postcard!

Download postcard!

Download postcard!

Addresses of the Agriculture ministries

You may find under this link the websites of the Ministries of Agriculture of your country: