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FOUR PAWS offers tips for fun with your dog in the water


During the summer months a lot of dogs like cooling off in the water when it's too hot.  FOUR PAWS has some useful tips for enjoying time in the water with your dog.  

Don’t force dogs if they don’t like the water

Many dogs enjoy a refreshing bath on hot days.

Many dogs love splashing about in the water. Some, though, prefer to head for the shade rather than the water, even when the weather is very hot. FOUR PAWS advises never to force a dog into the water if it does not like it. “Even if it’s meant well, forcing a dog into the water can give it a permanent phobia”, warns Irina Fronescu, FOUR PAWS campaigner: “And of course, if your dog prefers not to go in the water, you really need to think about whether it is happy being on a beach at all.” People should try to accept if their dog doesn’t want to go in the water, and should find a place in the shade instead, to protect it from heatstroke.

Many dogs love splashing about in the water.

Here are some more FOUR PAWS tips for sharing the water with your dog in the summer:


  • If the weather’s a little cooler, and especially in a cool wind, dry your dog with a towel so that it doesn’t cool down too much.
  • Dogs with long hair can have a few centimetres trimmed off in summer so they don’t overheat. However, they should never be completely shorn of hair.
  • Dogs with lighter-coloured coats and pink ears and noses, and dogs with very short hair, need extra sun protection. Ideally you should use an unperfumed sun scream with a high SPF (from the pharmacy, or your normal store for bathroom products).
  • Like people, your dog should drink enough when it’s hot. By the sea, make sure your dog doesn’t drink too much salt water, as this can cause diarrhoea.
  • On the beach, always look out for shells or splinters of glass, as these are a danger to sensitive paws.
  • Near the water, dog owners should show consideration for other bathers, for example by taking care not to allow their dog to run across other people’s towels. When a dog is about to shake itself after coming out of the water, it should be brought away from other bathers. Finally, anyone who doesn’t really have their dog under control should avoid crowded beaches altogether.