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FOUR PAWS mourns longtime collaborator and friend


FOUR PAWS is mourning its longtime collaborator and friend, the exceptional photographer Mihai Vasile, who was responsible for many of the photos seen on this website and in other FOUR PAWS content. The Romanian photographer dedicated his life to the service of animals, and for the past 20 years has travelled the world for FOUR PAWS – always looking for the perfect photo. His empathy for animals and his flair for the perfect moment are captured in his unique pictures. Even though Mihai left us far too soon, he will live on through his pictures.

Mihai, you will remain in our hearts!

Many years ago, Mihai Vasile became part of the FOUR PAWS family, following the launch of our Stray Animal Care Project in the late 90s in Romania. We were looking for a photographer who could capture the stray dog situation in pictures for us. Mihai’s first reaction was one of scepticism, as it not sure people would want to voluntarily look at photos of stray dogs. However, we were quickly able to convince him of our commitment to the strays in Romania. It is thanks to him that we were able to present the situation in Romania in a very special way to the world. The way Mihai captured our work in pictures comes from his deep affection towards animals and animal welfare, which has shaped him for many years. Mihai was not shy in any situation and was always ready to document our welfare and animal rescue projects worldwide. Whether in the middle of the African bush in Zimbabwe – where he waited for ten hours up a tree to get the perfect picture of an elephant herd – or more recently during our lion rescue mission in Gaza. Countless pictures taken by Mihai were picked up by major international news agencies such as Reuters or Associated Press, due to their quality.


Just two weeks ago, his picture, "The Scent of Freedom", which portrays one of our rescued bears, won second place in the "International PR Image Award". We would like to thank Mihai for his selfless dedication and his unparalleled work.


Mihai, for us you will live on through your pictures and remain unforgettable! 

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