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Cecil the lion: FOUR PAWS calls for an import ban of hunting trophies


Death of Cecil the lion is not an isolated case

The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has  highlighted the brutal excesses of trophy hunting, FOUR PAWS is calling on European countries and the U.S.  to impose a ban on hunting trophies. This would curb the cruel and, at the same time, profitable business. Today a  team of  experts from FOUR PAWS is arriving in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe to assess the situation of the lion pride on site.
“Australia has taken the leading role, imposing a ban on hunting trophies for lions earlier this year”, says Heli Dungler, the founder of FOUR PAWS. “It is now the perfect time for other Western countries to follow this example.”
At Hwange National Park, the FOUR PAWS team will first verify the actual situation of the pride, following rumours like  that of Cecil’s brother Jericho having  also been killed – a rumour that was then disproved by agency reports shortly afterwards.  As an animal welfare organisation, it is essential for FOUR PAWS  to make sure the offspring of Cecil are not in danger. There is the risk that the next leader of the pride will kill the cubs as often happens  in the wild. Although there are reports that Jericho has so far protected Cecil’s cubs.
“In accordance with the authorities and the National Park administration we will monitor the situation closely in order to assess all risks involved”, saids Heli Dungler.
Also, the organisation is offering its expertise on Canned Hunting to the Government of Zimbabwe.  “We appreciate the latest decision of the government to restrict hunting.  We would be more than happy to help provide a basis for an appropriate legislation and its consistent execution”continued Dungler.
FOUR PAWS is campaigning for a ban on canned hunting and commercial lion breeding farms in South Africa.