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Operation Hibernation

Operation Hibernation is in full swing!

As the days grow colder, the inhabitants of our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz are getting ready for their deep sleep. For some of our most recent rescues, this could well be the first time that they can live out this natural instinct! After years in cages, they often have behavioral problems and our team works hard to offer them natural sleeping environments, care, feeding and activities as species appropriate as possible, so that they manage to show natural behaviors, such as hibernation, as soon as possible.


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Those that have rediscovered these instincts have been busy digging comfy dens to spend the winter in and are now fueling up one last time until their long sleep begins.

The team at the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz is providing each bear with 14kgs of food per day to help them with this tasty task. Every meal counts, as brown bears can hibernate for up to 100 days without food or water!

While the bears rest in their dens, the bear team works at full speed to provide the sleepy bears with the best possible environment to wake up in. Enrichment and play areas will be built and their enclosures readied for the new season.

We are very excited to see our bears live out their natural instincts and cannot wait to welcome them back next spring! If you’d like to support their well-rested start into the new year, please consider donating.