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Part polar bear, part brown bear – this is one of most unique bears we've ever seen. But sadly, he has a tragic past. 

Put on show by an illegal circus his captors were happy to exploit him for profit – they never even bothered to give him a name. Constantly exposed to the harsh weather, his teeth have been destroyed by gnawing at the rusty bars of his tiny cage. His jaw is now disfigured for life.  

Supporters like you helped us rescue him and temporarily move him to a better place in Serbia. Now he urgently needs a new, permanent home.  

With your help today, we could give him a home at our bear sanctuary in the Swiss mountains. Here he will receive the veterinary care he desperately needs, proper enrichment and the opportunity to play and explore.

This is your chance to help an extraordinary bear and give him the life he deserves. Will you help today?

We want to give this hybrid bear a new home. But we can’t do it alone.

Please donate today. You could help move this rare bear to our bear sanctuary in Switzerland and help other animals around the world.