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Kvitka has been rescued!


FOUR PAWS successfully rescued the eight-year-old brown bear and transported her to our bear sanctuary in Ukraine.


Kept at a hunting station in western Ukraine, Kvitka was used to teach dogs to hunt. A cruel practice called ‘bear baiting’, the poor bear was only released from her small cage to be chained and attacked by hunting dogs. Half-starved, she was too weak to defend herself.


Years of abuse have visibly left their marks on Kvitka. While her health is generally stable, her teeth are in terrible shape – requiring urgent care and an emergency operation to remove a broken tooth.  


Supporters like you make rescues like this possible. If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift could help provide long-term care for bears like Kvitka and help other animals in need around the world.



Kvitka is imprisoned for illegal bear baiting - we must save her today from vicious dog attacks and her caged hell. We can only rescue Kvitka with your help.

Eight-year-old Kvitka is frequently dragged from her narrow, filthy cage. She’s tied to a tree and attacked by huge, aggressive dogs. She’s bitten, clawed and is close to breaking. Worse still, Kvitka is kept half-starved so she is too weak to defend herself.


This evil practice is known as ‘bear baiting’ and its horrifying to think that Kvitka is being used to train over 30 dogs for hunting. The dogs are trained to attack and bite at Kvitka’s nose and eyes. She suffers new wounds daily and if we do not act now this story may only end when the dogs finally take Kvitka’s life. 



The FOUR PAWS team have persuaded Kvitka’s owner to release her to our sanctuary in Ukraine. But we must reach her by 27th June before her owner sells her to another bear baiting station. If that happens Kvitka could be lost forever. Can you help?


Help rescue Kvitka before it’s too late.