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New life, new name

Do you remember Hai Chan in Vietnam or Serbia’s last circus bear?


Rescued from horrible conditions, these two incredible bears finally have a new life and a new name.  

A unique bear with a tragic history.

Exploited for profit, Serbia's last circus bear was kept in a tiny cage, constantly exposed to the harshest weather. Gnawing on the rusty bars destroyed his teeth and left his jaw permanently disfigured.

This bear has a bright future amd a new name: Napa.

Traveling from Serbia to Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland, Napa was transported for 28 hours over 1,400 kilometers through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany – completing the final stretch via cable car. 

Now at the sanctuary, Napa is currently adapting to his new surroundings and will be released to his permanent home in the coming weeks.  


Goodbye Hai Chan, hello Nhi Nho!


Rescued last November, Hai Chan had suffered on a bear farm in Vietnam for ten long years. Malnourished and neglected, she was abused for bile extraction and her front paws had been removed.


Sadly, Hai Chan simply means 'two legs' in Vietnamese. 

Now thriving at our sanctuary in Vietnam, we felt it was time to give Hai Chan a new name. Instead of focusing on her disabilities, we wanted to give her a name that reflected her spirit and personality. Hence Nhi Nho, which means cheerful and playful in Vietnamese.


Watch a short video about Nhi Nho, formerly Hai Chan, and her amazing recovery.