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Animal Charity


When they suffer, we suffer. We must prevent the next outbreak and call on Governments to take action, now. 

Animal Charity

end the dog & cat meat trade in south east asia!

Families are being torn apart by the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia as their pets are stolen and brutally killed for meat.

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Animal Charity

End bear farming in hanoi

Hanoi remains the country’s #1 bear farming hot spot. This has to change.

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Animal Charity

Meat reduction pledge

Our current high demand for meat and animal products has led to billions of farmed animals suffering on factory farms, which are breeding grounds for viruses.

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More campaigns that need your help

Animal Charity

Sign to #Makefoodkinder

You can help to change the lives of farm animals forever, all with a simple click.

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Animal Charity

take action for a #furfreebritain!

Sign now to ban the sale of animal fur in the UK!

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Animal Charity

Pledge to #WearitKind

Bring more compassion to fashion.

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Animal Charity

Protect lambs from mulesing

Sign now to help put an end to the cruel practice of mulesing!

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Animal Charity

Report Illegal Puppy traders

Help us to trace the trade, to end the suffering. 


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