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Call to action – Deadline on the 8th October 2017


The Welsh Government is currently undertaking a consultation on its policy on circuses and other mobile animal exhibits. The consultation is open to the public, so you can have your say here.

How to respond:



Email the response


Post your response to : Animal Welfare & By-Products Branch   

                                             Welsh Government

                                             Cathays Park


                                             CF10 3NQ


You can copy and paste the text below, or write your own argument for why wild animals do not belong in circuses.

Question 8 Wild animals in circuses:

Wales should ban the use of wild animals in circuses because their complex needs cannot be met by such facilities. Wild animals are sentient beings who have evolved to live in diverse and complex natural environments. They are not suited to a life kept in a tiny cage, being carted around the country, made to perform tricks, isolated from others, and trained using harsh and cruel regimes. The suffering of wild animals for entertainment is unjustifiable. Circuses have no educational or conservation value, and any claims of such are just an excuse for the cruelty their animals are made to endure. It is 2017 and the public do not want to see wild animals being made to perform mindless tricks. It is unethical and there is no excuse. Please Wales, join the increasing number of countries around the world who have banned wild animals in circuses.