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The last 5 Big Cats from Peter Jolly’s Circus spending the winter in Scotland!

Despite written promises from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to ban the use of wild animals in circuses “when Parliamentary time allows”, as well as five attempts to push through a backbench bill to end the cruelty, the last wild animals in Peter Jolly’s circus will spend the winter of 2014 in north east Scotland.


It has also been four years since Defra’s public consultation found 94.5% of respondents backed a ban, and three years since the House of Commons voted unanimously in favour of the measure. Britain is lagging behind 28 countries worldwide that have introduced prohibitions on animal circus acts. Over 200 local authorities in the UK also have bans on the use of animals in circuses on public land.


Public attitudes have changed and the appetite for wild animal circus acts has plummeted, with only two circuses performing with wild animals in Britain today.


Recent footage acquired by Animal Defenders International show a lion and tiger at Peter Jolly’s circus in Scotland exhibiting frantically pacing around their small cages, abnormal behaviour which is typical for wild animals kept in such conditions. Kieran Harkin, Head of Programmes for FOUR PAWS UK, states: “It is unacceptable that the U.K government can agree, in line with the Animal Welfare Act, that kept animals must be able to exhibit natural behaviour, and at the same time allow for circus animals to be kept and transported in tiny cages. Big cats naturally patrol large territories and by no stretch of the imagination does their ecology reflect a life in a tiny cage.”

FOUR PAWS is hugely disappointed that the latest reading of the bill to end wild animals in circuses has been blocked by yet another MP. We are taking action and writing to the local media outlets of Conservative MP Christopher Chope to inform his constituents of his  decision. We are sure they do not share his opinion on this.


View our letter here

Take Action

What you can do!


Please write to your local MP, who you can find here: and urge them to sign EDM 60 - which calls on the government to keep its promise and ban this outdated practice.