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Chipperfield's Circus tours without animals

Chipperfield’s Circus, one of the largest and oldest animal circuses in England, finally tours without animals – thanks to years of hard work and campaigning by Britain’s animal welfare organisations.

The Chipperfield family had previously been convicted of animal cruelty. The circus was exposed by undercover researchers which revealed the suffering of the elephants and lions in the circus.

However, Chipperfield’s Circus is once again on tour in the UK – thankfully without any animals.

Sadly, all over Europe, there are still many circuses with wild animals. Giraffes, elephants and big cats suffer, forced to live in appalling comditions and withstand brutal training methods.

FOUR PAWS in campaigning for a ban on wild animals in the circus. The Chipperfield case shows that even traditional circuses can easily do without wild animals in their programme and excel in human performances instead.