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Backbench bill to ban wild animals in UK circuses blocked for final time


© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

Animal welfare organisations, including FOUR PAWS UK, have expressed dismay as the bill to ban the use of wild animals  in UK circuses was blocked for the 12th and final time by just three Conservative backbenchers, despite previous assurances from the Prime Minister himself that the law would go through, and against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the UK public.

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell yesterday lodged an objection which means under parliamentary rules covering backbench bills, any discussion of the matter now has to be ended.

Since Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick first proposed the Private Members Bill in September 2014, it has been blocked on every possible occasion by just three MPs, including Tory MP for Christchurch, Christopher Chope who has blocked the Bill on nine previous occasions.

FOUR PAWS UK was one of a number of organisations who co-signed an open letter to the Prime Minister in support of the Bill, which was also co-signed by ADI, Animal Aid, British Veterinary Association, RSPCA, CAPS, One Kind, PETA, and World Animal Protection.

This latest setback is incredibly disappointing given that 90% of the UK public have indicated they are against the cruel use of wild animals in circuses.

FOUR PAWS UK will continue to campaign on this issue and call on the next Government, whoever they may be, to listen to the views of the public and push through this legislation as quickly as possible.