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High level political support for FOUR PAWS’ work in Vietnam to end bear farming

On July 21st 2017, FOUR PAWS was honored to meet with the Vietnamese Ambassador in Germany. The Ambassador of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Germany, S.E. Mr. Doan Xuan Hung, welcomed FOUR PAWS’ President Heli Dungler and the Country Director of Germany Rüdiger Jürgensen to the embassy in Berlin. The Ambassador gave his support for FOUR PAWS’ work in Vietnam to end bear farming. FOUR PAWS is very grateful for the support.

In Vietnam, the ambassadors from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and United States expressed their support of our work and agreed to share our campaign message with their Vietnamese counterparts.


FOUR PAWS was also invited by the United States Embassy to present our work at a meeting of the Wildlife Support Network that was held at the British Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Support from Traditional Chinese Medicine communities (TCM)

In August 2017 at the international congress ICTAM IX (9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine) in Kiel, Germany, FOUR PAWS informed the attendees about our work in Vietnam and the use of bear bile in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Once they heard about our work many doctors, experts, and practitioners decided to support our goal to end bear farming in Vietnam. They include:


Prof. Detlev Ganten

MD, Phd, President, World Health Summit; Co-Chair, InterAcademy Partnership for Health

"Animal welfare is important in every culture – this is why we should all use alternatives for bear bile in Traditional Chinese Medicine."


Dr. Geoffrey Samuel

Past President of IASTAM - International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine


Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Messner

Host and Co-Chair of ICTAM IX; Director of Chinese Studies at Kiel University, Germany


Dr. med. Rainer Nögel

President of SMS, Societas Medicinae Sinensis, Internationale Gesellschaft für Chinesische Medizin e.V.


“We do not agree with the use or need for bear bile in TCM medicine. The keeping of the bears and the cruel extraction of their bile is against all ethical norms. Furthermore, it is not necessary for medical purposes, due to other good alternatives available. The use of bear bile has never played a role in Germany or other European countries, therefore we believe it is unnecessary for the continued use and extraction of bile in countries like Vietnam or China. Instead, the practice should be banned and discontinued, which is why the work of animal protection organizations like FOUR PAWS or Pro Wildlife is very important and they receive our full support.”

Support for the campaign in the UK


In the UK, our campaign has achieved high profile support from celebrities such as Matt Lucas, John Bishop and Joanna Lumley!


Viet Pro, a network of Vietnamese professionals in the UK also gave their backing to our efforts.


We've had positive discussions with Rt Hon David Wayne MP who leads the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vietnam in Parliament, who shared his support to our campaign, as well as two British MEPs, Catherine Bearder and Jean Lambert.