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A strong coalition against bear farming

We have joined forces with local partners Education for Nature Vietnam and World Animal Protection to form a coalition to bring hope to around 800 bile bears living in extremely poor conditions across Vietnam on approximately 250 bear farms.


The coalition aims to work with the Vietnamese Government to expedite an end to cruel bear farming in Vietnam, and has already begun by implementing a new roadmap outlining a phased approach to reducing the number of bears on farms from approximately 800, to zero over the next three years. 


The roadmap is designed to introduce a stricter monitoring system on bear farms ensuring bears have a higher level of care and that any unregistered, and therefore illegal, bears are immediately confiscated. It also includes work to strengthen laws and policy in Vietnam, providing suitable accommodation for confiscated bears, eradicating wildlife crimes affecting bears and reducing the demand for bear products and parts.

Kieran Harkin, Head of International Wild Animal Campaigns at FOUR PAWS states: “The coalition recognises that the three-year roadmap is ambitious but with the encouraging steps already taken by the Vietnamese government over the course of the last decade we genuinely see this as the time to finish the job and finally put an end to bear farming for good. With stricter monitoring of bear farms and greater efforts in enforcing legislation we hope to see an end to bears being kept on farms, through both the confiscation of bears and bear farm owners voluntarily giving up their bears. This won’t happen overnight but it will see the number of bears on farms dramatically reduced each year, hopefully bringing the number to zero over the next three years.” 

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